What we don’t know can’t help us.

Can technology help us, if we don’t know we can use it or don’t know how to use it?

It can’t. So I’m asking you to spread the word about Lost Rescue.

Wait … Why should I do that?

You could just be helping somebody … and, well, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Just ask yourself …

  • Do I really know how to send my exact location to specific person when needed? Do all of my friends?
  • What if I or they need help when hiking in a forest, climbing a mountain, sailing at sea or if the car brokes down in the middle of nowhere?
  • How can I send my location from a remote area or a foreign country where I can’t access the internet?

Why THIS App?

Simply because …

  • It’s free, it’s ads free, and it will stay that way;
  • It doesn’t use any tracking. It doesn’t even have access to internet;
  • You only need network signal and clear sky to send your location from a remote area;
  • It is super easy to use and probably the only way for many people to send their location via smartphone if the need arises;
  • When not active it doesn’t send you any messages or drain your battery in any way: only use it when you need to;
  • It is designed in a way that it takes up less than 150 kb of your phone’s memory.

But it takes way longer to get location than with other apps!

For the sake of speed apps usually get your location by …

  • First using your last known location;
  • Using location, acquired from network and wi-fi connections;
  • Once (if) the device connects to GPS, they use this location source.

This simply isn’t good enough for the Lost Rescue. Why? Last known location can be 10, 100 or 1.000 miles away from where you are. Location from network can be very accurate – but it can also be very inaccurate. The first method can set your location at a place you were yesterday or this morning, before you went outdoors. Network location can show your location to be three hills away from the one you are actually on.

Lost Rescue relies on you current GPS location alone. Your location is determined by satellites via Global positioning system and is accurate up to a few feet (or at most a couple of ten feet, depending on the quality of your device). Somewhat longer time required to access your location is not a weakness, but an advantage, because this is the only reliable way to be sure you sent coordinates of the place where you are now.

OK, OK … And what do you want me to do?

You can help me raise awareness of the App and how easy it can be for a hurt, lost or threatened person to send their location to someone that can help them. What do you know, you might just be saving someone’s life. It may be your be your best friend or somebody on the other side of the Globe.

Ways you can help …

  • Recommend the App to someone you care about;
  • Give Lost Rescue five stars on Google Play and/or leave a positive review, so more people will decide to use it;
  • Publish a link on Facebook, Twitter or other social tool;
  • If you own a website and you feel you can help your readers by reccomending Lost Rescue you can publish a banner. You can download them in different sizes (more to come) here.

If you like the app and you can afford to … you can donate.

Lost Rescue App is free for everyone, but if you feel you can afford to contribute for it’s development, to express your support for the project or to say “thank you” if it helped you in any way, you can make a donation to the author.